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Profitable and sustainable flow technology

With us, we want to give you that little extra that can be of decisive importance. With extensive product knowledge, we can recommend an optimal overall solution that takes all parameters into account: economy, environment, operation and maintenance. But above all, a solution that works, and which should be profitable in the long term, in your facility.

With more than 20 years of experience in our industry, we dare to promise good advice. Discover our products and solutions

Optimize pressure stroke control to prevent costly repairs

In the fast-moving world of engineering and mechanics, it is important to anticipate and prevent potential problems before they lead to costly repairs. One area where this is of particular importance is the handling of pressure strokes. Pressure surges can cause serious damage to various systems and equipment if not handled properly. Discover our unique flap check valve with the option to build on with a bypass that dampens pressure surges

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minimera risken för kostsamma reparationer orsakade av tryckslag
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Kiruna rinse nozzles: Optimized cleaning rinse: Made in Sweden

Discover how the Kiruna flush system can improve your cleaning process while helping to create a safer and healthier work environment. Our spray nozzles are designed with care and expertise to deliver superior performance and long lasting durability. Learn more about the benefits of the Kiruna range and see how it can make a difference to you and your business.

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BPS simplifies customers' everyday life through stock capacity and fast deliveries.

With high storage and 1250 pallet spaces, we offer a wide range, including flushing nozzles and flushing lances for an improved working environment when cleaning. WHP is our product for pressure stroke prevention. We tailor wells for ground installation and provide technical support for sustainable and economical choices. BPS exports to several countries within and outside the EU to minimize repair risks.


Miljö och enerigibesparing

BPS erbjuder energieffektiva lösningar för en bättre arbetsmiljö och miljöskydd. Välj rätt produkter för säkerhet och hållbarhet

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