svensktillverkade spolmunstycken
svensktillverkade spolmunstycken

For your health

Flushing with minimal misting that promotes both health and the working environment.

spolmunstycke minimala dimbildningen

BPS Kiruna Flush nozzles

BPS Kiruna series are Swedish-made flushing nozzles specially selected for cleaning flushing. Through its conical design, the nozzle provides a sharp jet that cuts away dried-on coatings. The minimal mist formation also reduces inhalation of unhealthy bacterial aerosols.

Flushing nozzle for flushing basins and pumping stations. Provides minimal fogging

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BPS Rotating Spray Nozzle

The rotating nozzle provides an automatic cleaning of the pump station.

Flushing must take place after each pump stop. Then the walls get wet and grease and other debris is then washed down to the surface at the bottom of the sump. It is connected to clean water (broken water system).

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Roterande Spraymunstycke
Kiruna Spolspjut

BPS Kiruna Flush Spear

Flushing spear for flushing pools and pumping stations. For flushing through mesh colanders.

Pattern protected. Provides minimal fogging. Movable handle that provides good balance and grip. PN 20

"Your mouthpieces are the best" - Jerry Stjernström NSVA Helsingborg

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