BPS 8907

SKU: BPS 8907050 1,5-6Bar

Pressure reducing valve ductile iron PN40

DN: 50
PN: 40
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Pressure reducing valve in ductile iron, suitable for drinking water and industrial water. The valve is available in two different pressure ranges, 1,5–6 bar or 5-12 bar. The valve is a valve disc type downstream pressure stabiliser, compensated by a spring and balanced against upstream pressure by a rolling piston. Unaffected by variations in upstream pressure and downstream flow requirements. The pressure reducing valve is equipped with pressure gauge ports for inlet andoutlet pressure. Tested acc. to standard EN12266. Face to face acc. to ISO 5752-1. Drinking water approved acc. to A.C.S, 98/63/EC. We recommend horizontal installation.


Body: Ductile iron GGG, epoxycoated
Spring: Coated steel
Seal: EPDM
Connection: Flanged
Temp: +1°C - + 65°C


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