BPS 8010-LCU-C

SKU: BPS 8010080-LCU-C

Electric regulating actuator, Local Control Unit

SPÄNNING: 230V AC / 4-20 mA
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Regulating electric actuator with 90° rotation. The actuator is equipped with 4 limit switches, where 2 are potential free and 2 are used for protection of the motor. Selectable mode in case of signal failure. Input signal 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC, output signal 4-20 mA. It has optical position indicators, hand wheel for manual operation and a built-in heating element. Protection class IP 67. Mounting flange in accordance with ISO 5211 - DIN3337. Equipped with a local control unit for remote and local control of the actuator. Digital display and several different functions possible. Integrated PCU card 4-20mA. Equipped with LED lights for status control.


Power supply: 230 VAC
Temp:  -20°C - +70°C


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