BPS 7913

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2-way function air venting valve ductile iron

DN : 50
PN: 16
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A 2-way air venting valve in ductile iron with 3 functions. The valve is suitable for clean water. It will automatically adjust the outflow capacity and reduce the risk of water hammer. This valve has the same function as the venting valve article no BPS 7909 and BPS 7910 but a bit lower capacity. When filling the pipe, the valve is fully open until the pressure increases and the upper part of the float lifts and dampens the outflow of air. This reduction of outflow of air reduces the risk of water hammer. When the water level rises in the valve, the lower part lifts up and close the outflow of air further. Between the two parts of the float there is a possibility for the air to flow through all the time to regulate the pressure. When emptying the pipe, the float sinks and you get a fast filling of air in the pipe to avoid vacuum. It also has a drain valve to control the function of the valve and to evacuate media.


Body: Ductile iron 
Float: Polypropylene
O-ring: NBR
Connection: Flanged
Temp: 60°C


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