BPS 6552

SKU: BPS 6552050

Swing check valve ductile iron, flanged

DN: 50
PN: 16
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Swing check valve in ductile iron equipped with a hydraulic brake to control the closing time and reduce the risk of water hammers. The valve is suitable for water and waste water. Can be installed both vertical and horizontal, but installation position in the pipe line must be notified at the order stage. Pressure ratings from PN10-PN40. Face-to-face length acc. to EN 558-1 basic series 48. Tested acc. to EN 12266.


Body: Ductile iron GGG40
Disc: Ductile iron GGG40
Seal: NBR (option metal seal or EPDM)
Connection: Flanged
Temp:  60°C

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