BPS 6503

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Swing check valve ductile iron (WHP), flanged

DN: 100
PN: 16
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Swing check valve in ductile iron with a flanged connection, intended for use on water and waste water. We call this valve WHP - Water Hammer Protector, as this valve reduces water hammers. With the help of a bypass, this valve can handle both the under pressure and over pressure phase when a water hammer sequenze occurs. The body has a tilted seat for best tightness at low differential pressures. The valve is equipped with a lifting device which makes it possible to drain the pressure side before service. The flap is reversible and comes with NBR or EPDM rubber (KTW, W270, WRAS). Face-to-face length acc. to EN 558-1 basic series 48. Manufactured and tested acc. to EN 1074-3 and resilient seated acc. to EN 12334.


Body: Ductile iron GGG40, epoxy coated
Flap: NBR
Connection: Flanged
Temp: -10°C - +110°C


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