BPS 2500PR

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Pneumatic controlled eccentric plug valve ductile iron

DN: 50
PN: 16
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The eccentric plug valve has full bore and is used both as a shut-off valve and a control valve. It has a core of cast iron that is vulcanized in NBR rubber. The valve is designed for water, waste water and sludge. It is alsosuitable for media that is a bit more abrasive. The valve has an ISO 5211 flange for direct mounting of actuators. The valve has very good control characteristics. The valve is controlled by a pneumatic actuator with positioner 4-20 mA.


Body: Ductile iron GGG50, epoxycoated
Plug: NBR (vulcanized ductile iron)
Connection: Flanged
Temp: -10°C - +150°C

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