BPS 2461E

SKU: BPS 2461015E

Ball valve in stainless steel, flanged

DN: 15
PN | SPÄNNING: 40 | 230 VAC
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Ball valve in compact 1-pc design. Flanged connection with threaded bolt holes. Suitable for liquids and neutral gases. ISO 5211 flange for direct mounting of actuators. Equipped with a self-compensating packing box for optimal tightness to the atmosphere. Full bore flow. The electric acuator is available with 230VAC, 24VAC or 24 VDC.


Body: Stainless steel CF8M/CF8
Ball: Stainless steel AISI316
Seat: PTFE
Connection: Flanged (threaded holes)
Temp: 0°C - +150°C

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