BPS 2420ER

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Kulventil i syrafast stålmed elektriskt reglerande don

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The ball valve is 3-part with a threaded connection according to the BSP standard, DIN2999. The valve is intended to be used for liquids and gases. The valve is equipped with a self-compensating stuffing box for optimal tightness against the atmosphere. It is repairable, ball and gaskets can be changed when the valve is installed. The valve has an ISO 5211 flange for direct mounting of actuators. The valve has full flow. Electric regulating actuator, 230VAC, 4-20mA input/output signal.


Temp: -20°C - 200 °C
House: Acid-resistant steel, ASTM A 351 - CF8M
Ball: Acid-resistant steel, ASTM A 351 - CF8M
SEAT: Fiberglass reinforced Teflon (PTFE)
Control device: 4-20 mA 230 VAC, 2 pot.free end positions. Heating element. IP 67.Hand maneuverability.

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