BPS 2303PR

SKU: BPS 2303040PR

Pneumatic controlled butterfly valve cast iron

DN: 40
PN: 16
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This butterfly valve has a wafer type connection and is mounted between two flanges. Standard lining is EPDM rubber and the valve has an ISO 5211 flange for direct mounting of actuators. It has a stem bushing of PTFE between the body and shaft to ensure that the valve is easily operated over time. Face to face according to DIN EN 558-1 series 20 (K1). The valve is controlled by a pneumatic actuator with positioner 4-20 mA.


Body: Cast iron GG 25
Disc: Stainless steel AISI316
Lining: EPDM
Connection: Wafer
Temp: -15°C - +110°C

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