BPS is a service-oriented company. With us, we want to give you that little extra that can be of decisive importance. With extensive product knowledge, we can recommend an optimal overall solution that takes all parameters into account: economy, environment, operation and maintenance. But above all, a solution that works, and which should be profitable in the long term, in your facility.

With more than 20 years of experience in our industry, we dare to promise good advice.

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Energy saving

Energy efficiency is something we can all contribute to, everything from the choice of lamps to more efficient processes in industry. On the market today there are relatively many products that do the same job but where the difference in energy consumption can be very large.

A collaboration with BPS helps you with the right strategy and product selection. It could be about utilizing the capacity in your facility in an optimal way or consuming less electricity. The selected product must suit a particular application and function in a safe and sustainable manner.

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At BPS, we see working for a better environment as a matter of course. Our focus is aimed at a better working environment for you and for nature in general. You get help with the right preparations, knowledge and products - everything to avoid unhealthy viruses, bacteria, and to prevent unnecessary physical stress. BPS not only has effective products, we can also promote good health in your workplace.

The BPS recommendation is to avoid aerosols harmful to health and to spend as little time as possible in environments with harmful viruses or bacteria. Examples of solutions and products that contribute to a good working environment are spray nozzles and spray spears from BPS.

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Pressure shock absorption

Pressure surges are behind many problems in pipe systems, something that can be costly both financially and environmentally. It can cause pipe breaks, damage to valves, pumps, measuring equipment, couplings and suspensions. Examples of when pressure surges can occur are when the speed of the flow changes, pumps that start/stop too quickly, valves that open/close too quickly, air pockets in the pipe system and power outages.

The pressure shocks shorten the life of the various parts in the pipe system, which leads to increased maintenance costs. Regardless of the cause of damage and wear and tear, BPS can offer the right products and, above all, the expertise to help you avoid pressure strokes.

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BPS offers workshops and training in flow technology. If there are requests, we start from each customer's unique needs and adapt the training accordingly. We have a great focus on assisting our customers with increased knowledge.

Are you facing challenges or have requests for something specific? Get in touch, we are always ready to help you in the best possible way. Training or workshops can be held in our premises or we will come to you if desired. In the current times, we have the opportunity for distance and video education of high quality.

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